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Does it hurt?

YES! Receiving a tattoo is a painful process. It requires the application of pigment under the first epidermal layer of the skin. The larger the tattoo the longer it will take to do, so small tattoos hurt less than large ones! But remember, people wouldn’t get a second tattoo if the first one hurt that bad. Don’t be a sissy!

How much does it cost?

The cost varies on the size of your tattoo, the complexity, and where you put it on your body. Our prices start at $30.00 and go up from there. The Tattoo Factory freely admits WE ARE NOT THE CHEAPEST! Remember, you get what you pay for and only have one chance to get one tattoo on that one spot on your body. Do it right! Go to a pro!

How do I care for my new tattoo?


– Keep it clean and follow these instructions.

– Leave bandage on for 5-6 hours.

– Remove bandage, wash with warm water & soap, pat dry.

– Never bandage again.

– Before scab forms apply NEOSPORIN 3 or 4 times daily.

– Stay out of chlorine pools, salt water, and only minimum sun exposure while tattoo is healing.

– DON’T PICK AT SCAB. Tattoos will heal in 10-15 days.

Will it fade?

The Tattoo Factory uses the highest quality pigments found in the industry. These pigments are not cheap and not easy to find. The reason we have been able to stay in business for so long (23 years!) is because we use nothing but the best. Our work is guaranteed to stay bright and sharp forever.

Can I bring my own design?

just about any design you can think of can be made into a beautiful Tattoo Factory tattoo. You are more than welcome to bring in your own design or pick one of our hundreds of thousands of designs that line our walls. If you already know what you want, great, it is very simple to convey your idea to our artists. The easiest way is with a picture. It doesn’t matter what the picture is on (keychain, t-shirt, book, drawing…etc.). Even if you can’t draw, our guys still love to do the custom work. Just describe it well or even bring in a stick drawing. We can turn it into your dream tattoo on paper right before your eyes!

Can you fix my old tattoo?

Old tattoos can be easily reworked into a fresh work of art. Color can be added to brighten your existing tattoo or with a little creativity even turned into a completely new (although larger) tattoo. There’s no use in going through life with “Susan” tattooed on your arm if you love “Pam.” Thanks to the modern possibilities of the Tattoo Factory experience, it can all be corrected. Why wait? We fix other tattoo shop’s mistakes every day!


A Tattoo Factory tattoo is put on under the strictest of sanitary conditions. We use a totally disposable tattoo system! Every instrument is new before going into a high pressure, high temperature autoclave for approximately one hour. Everything is disposed of after every tattoo, and the entire area sanitized. Our procedure consists of individually wrapped instruments that are only opened in front of you. (If you choose to go somewhere else, insist on this same procedure.)